Monday, March 5, 2012


This just came to me one day. I liked the juxtaposition of two characters traits. Since The Hulk is a big oaf and Hellboy is a big oaf, I figgered why not? This was done with watercolor in my regular Stathmore sketchbook whose paper isn't made for wet media, so I had to really push the pigment around to get the color down, so it made this weird mottled effect which I wasn't planning on, but I actually really like. I love happy accidents in art, they give you things you can't plan for.


Will Terrell said...

That turned out great Paul! Love it!

CCarman said...

Awesome mash-up! Love the way you drew that left hand slightly resting on the ground. It gives a real sense of weight to the pose.

Great work all throughout your blog as well sir:)