Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Terracotta Warrior

Sorry I've been away so long everyone, but I've been pretty busy with some interesting projects lately. Sifu Michael Matsuda, a friend of me and my wife is opening The Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, whose Grand Opening is going to be on June25th, asked me to create a sculpture of a Terracotta Warrior for display. What? Of course I agreed! (I've never done anything like this before). I was just about to go on hiatus from the Simpsons for a few weeks, so that gave me a little time to work on it, although two weeks was pushing it in terms of getting it done! Here is a series of "making of-" shots I took as I was creating it. ( I LOVE "making of-" shots, don't you?) This'll be the first in series of pics on making this. The whole thing is carved out of EPS foam (Extruded Poly Styrene) with HotWire Foam Factory tools, power sanders, and elbow grease. Enjoy.