Friday, October 26, 2012

Duane Jones

When I was a teenager me and a bunch of my buddies gathered at a friend's house in Honolulu to watch this movie we never heard of called "Night of The Living Dead" on "Night Owl Theater". We didn't know what we were about to see. After the movie was over, we found ourselves cowering on the couch, scared shitless. It was, and still is,
one of the greatest horror movie experiences I've ever had. We were the perfect age to see this, young, impressionable, and completely defenseless. I was already obsessed with monsters, but this kicked my fandom to a whole new level, and it was like nothing we had ever seen. Especially amazing was the lead actor, Duane Jones. The picture he painted of the Zombie apocalypse was more affecting and vivid than actually seeing it, and his performance was absolutely superb. Here is my tribute to the great actor.