Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Sketchbook

I just finished another sketchbook yesterday, and bought one of those Moleskine sketchbooks. I broke it in last night at life drawing at the studio, drawing one of the most amazing models, Joe Gatt. Drawn in cheap ballpoint pen.


Brenno said...

Hey Paul,

Great sketches. You should publish more of those, and also more of your brush/ink drawings. Ever since I saw you do it live as a student of yours, I've been a fan of your mark-making, and been learning much from studying them.

all the best,
Brenno (the guy from Brazil who studied with you at LAFAA back in 2009)

Paul Wee said...

Thanks, Brenno! Keep drawing!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Paul, that's an amazing sketch!

Now, don't hold back on us, let us know WHAT KIND of cheap ball point pen is it! I'm sure the mastery is in that secret tool of yours.

Anonymous said...

amazing drawings!!

David Colman said...

nothing cheap about these sketches PAul-wonderful man!

Mike Nassar said...

thanks for sharing this page Mr. Wee. Very inspiring for the rest of us. Certainly keeps my pencil to the page at night. Please share more of these small pages and keep your blog rolling and active.


Mila tattoo said...

That is awesome!!!
Please teach life drawing at LAAFA again!