Wednesday, July 7, 2010

New Sketchbook 2010

Hey Everybody! Check it out! I just got my new sketchbook done last week for San Diego Comicon. I'll be selling them at the Red Eye Art booth July 21-25, 2010. Just $10 each. It's 32 pages of stuff from my sketchbooks, caricatures, life drawings, cartoons, and whatnot. Come and see me at the booth.


DSK said...

And now in living color - COOOOOL!!!

arlo ramz said...

very cool!
can't wait to get myself a copy :)

Carol Wyatt said...

Cute girls.
OK Paul... So, Albert Calleros asked me if I can draw sexy girls.
Could you explain to him that I draw sexy girls?
Love the Hot Mexican Love Comics!!

Ted Blackman said...

Hey Paul, that HML cover came out great. Congratulations! Wasn't so sure when I first saw it online but the matte finish and muted colors work great in person. A friend at work showed it to me today, because I wasn't able to get to the con. Hopefully next year. Until then, maybe see you at the Ralphs produce area again! -Ted

Amir Avni said...

Love that Spock!

James King said...

I bought this sketchbook and the previous one. Looking forward to the next one.