Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sargent studies

Here are some studies of John Singer Sargent. I'm getting back into painting more, and I thought it would be good to study the master.


CeeCee said...

Hi, Paul. This is Christina Strain, I'm in your figure drawing class tonight and I just wanted to leave you a note somehow apologizing for how I'm not going to be there tonight. I wanted to be but I went in for a sleep apnea test last night at 9 and was supposed to get out at 2pm today but they kept me for more REM testing and I didn't get home till just now. I've got a massive headache from not having caffeine for two days and need to shower and relax cause I'm surprisingly exhausted and stressed from all the testing they did on me. :(

On a side note, your study of Sargent's Egyptian Girl is amazing. I have a print of her on my wall and I love that piece! Was a pleasant surprise to see you did a study of her. :)

Again, I'm sorry for missing class! :(
Christina Strain

Marcelo Vignali said...

These are fantastic Paul!

Marcos Mateu said...


Adam Temple said...

LOve the girls' face here. I know a girl that looks exactly like that. It's such a cool look to capture.