Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Man Thing vs. Swamp Thing

Here's a drawing done just for fun, pitting competing comic characters from different companies. Gotta love that drybrush!


pablo pablo said...

Very good works!

Bill Ho said...


A serious question:

If somebody came to you with a million-dollar-a-year contract to take on whatever project you want to do for let's say the next 10 years, will you FINALLY leave the Simpsons?

You're too good for them.

Jinyei said...


Great work as usual! Kinda reminds me of that old zine cover (yuck!) I did last century! Ha, Ha!

Noel said...

Nice drybrush Paul.

SleepyTiki said...

Ewwww, creepy!

Ernesto Melo said...

WOW, you're a MONSTER!!
It´s like an unpublished MAD's gag from the fifties!
Please keep posting!